About us

About us

GPS (Genocide Prevention Senate) International is a new non-profit organization that is newly registered in Sweden (2020).

Our purpose is to achieve the following:

a) To organize campaigns through seminars, symposiums, rallies and demonstrations to celebrate the memories of the victims of previous genocides and to highlight humanity’s responsibility to prevent future genocides.

b) To work directly with the people who have been a victim of genocide as well as governments, the European Union and the United Nations, in order to shape both politics and practice to build lasting peace.

c) To build on the public’s will to call upon the international community to take meningfull measures when early signals of genocide occurs, and mobilize resources to ward off or stop these crises and protect civilians from possible massdestruction.

d) To hold world leaders responsible for their commitments in taking action against genocides.

e) To cooperate with political experts, civilian society leaders, anti-genocide activists and organisations in the world in order to prevent and end genocides.

f) To promote new research through seminars and academic conferences about genocides.

g) To build an extensive digital archive of all genocides that have occurred.


Stay updated on current information on genocides going on around the world